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Welcome to TTPM International Consultants

TTPM International is a multidisciplinary consulting firm of experts in:
  • Trade Policy and Development Management
  • Transport and Logistics Management
  • Ports and Maritime Economics
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Development Economics and Private Sector Development
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Partnership Development
  • Policy Reform, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Crisis Prevention and Recovery Management
  • Conflict Sensitivity, Analysis and Management
  • Emergency Disaster Response Planning and Management
  • Project Cycle Management and Impact Evaluation
  • Equitable Participatory Development and Sector Impact Study
  • Institutional Capacity Development and Strengthening

Technology in the hands

TTPM International works with The World Bank, UNCTAD, WTO, DFID, IMF, USAID, AfDB, ADB, Governments, NGOs, Regional bodies and many local, national and other international corporations to promote equitable economic growth and development in the framework of strategic participation and alliances with communities, local governments and private sectors on a solid background of peacebuilding, advocacy campaign, confidence building and knowledge management with loyalty to funding agencies, stakeholders and key partners.


Competency DefinitionTTPM International has the richest pool of dedicated experts drawn from world best academic institutions, experienced professional from industries and world class management consultants in each of the areas of practice listed. We can come to you or serve you or attend to your corporate demands anywhere you are at minimum costs to you. TTPM International strategy is working with you from the first step of any assignment, carrying you all along the way, explaining every input made and why until our last step in the assignment delivery. TTPM International model is based on project management PRINCE2 and Result-base Management.


Business Chart arrowTTPM International projects are designed to achieve expected results and must be cost-effective in approach with 100 per cent use of local inputs in the execution of local project and stage by stage technical reporting to enable donor agencies and stakeholders understand the outcomes. We design your projects by your approval and for your expected outcomes made known to you from day one and if project delivery is not to your expectation TTPM International bears the total costs incurred. We therefor manage the risks in project cycle management because we bear the risks and not you. This is why we stand head and shoulder above others in the world today.


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