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Port and City Community Relationship Planning and Management August 15 – 26, 2016

Port and City Community Relationship Planning and Management       August 15  –  26, 2016

The relationship between ports and city community recent times is increasingly becoming crucial and very challenging to manage as to achieve the maximum expected benefits of such relationship. The relationship should be symbiotic but this has not been the case because it is either that the port or city is growing and developing at the expense of the other thereby conflicts of strategic interests and encroachment. The fact is the port needs to grow, expand and develop as well as the city community business-wise and socioeconomic too. Port and city relationship therefore needs to be properly planned, managed and coordinated to benefit each other without constraints. This programme (by popular request from port and city community) is designed to address these teething challenges of port and city relationship.


The aim of this programme is to create a strategic understanding of the interdependency of port and city community relationship as a function of the other in an increasingly competitive business environment.


  1. To enable course participants acquire visionary skills on managing and administering conflict of interests arising from port and city relationship without complicating institutional constraints.
  1. To enable course participants acquire strategic skills in managing interdependent relationship void of growth and development constraints whilst respecting the independence of each institution.
  1. To enable course participants acquire pro-active skill and ability to negotiating relationship disputes and in persuading and influencing partners, stakeholders, and policy makers in reaching agreements in complex policy issues in port and city relationships.

Target Group for the Programme

This programme will be suitable to senior, middle, top management, directors, policy makers and managing directors of:

  • Port Authorities, Ministry of Transport, Shippers Council, Customs & Excise Department,
  • Railway Companies, Local Governments, Maritime Agencies, Ministry of Trade, Shipping Agents, Embassies Commercial Attaches, Head of Communities, NGOs, Logistics and Supply Chain Units of Industries, Students, Researchers, Management Consultants.

Core Contents

  • The Geography and Development of Ports
  • The Geography and Development of City Community
  • The Concept of Port Planning
  • The Concept of Urban Planning
  • Strategic Re-positioning of Ports
  • Developmental Process of Ports & Cities
  • Institutional Framework of Urban Development Process
  • Urban Development Management
  • Demands of Port Development & Growth
  • Theory of Integrated Development & Growth
  • Managing a Mutual Development Process
  • Understanding Changing Geography of Ports & Cities and Implications
  • Land Acquisition and Development – Institutional Problems
  • Managing Conflicts of Interests and Boundary Delimitations in Port & City Relationship
  • Principles of Co-existence of Ports and Cities
  • Port & City Relationship Surgery: a one to one problem-solving consultancy service with course participants on strategic problems and solutions in port and city community relationship 

Programme Duration:  15th – 26th August, 2016

Programme Venue:  The London School of Economics (LSE) London (This programme and venue may be subject to changes at short notice).

Choice of Course Fee:

(i) Course fee is £3300.00 British Pound Sterling per participant. This fee covers tea/coffee,training and materials (without accommodation and lunch) during training.


(ii) Course fee is £4150.00 British Pound Sterling per participant. This covers tea/coffee, materials,training, hotel accommodation and lunch during training only (weekends not included).

For registration please visit or email

Programme Experts

Dr Fortune Laurence – IAPH Coordinator

Prof. Joy Joseph       – IAPH Alternate Coordinator

Prof. Peter Langen

Prof James McConville

Ms Helen Smith        – IAPH Alternate Coordinator/Project Manager