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Managing Strategic Marketing and Competition in Ports and Maritime Trade (July 4 – 15, 2016)

Managing Strategic Marketing and Competition in Ports and Maritime Trade   (July 4 – 15, 2016)

World ports are today facing an aggressively competitive and rapidly changing global market with more complex and intelligence-based business environment where only the strategically pro-active in marketing wins the competition. Ports in their ‘derived demand’ inclination are seriously challenged and their viability in a fiercely competitive global maritime business environment in great doubt. Their survival as a business therefore is hard.

Aim of Programme:                                                                                                                                                           

The main aim of this programme is to review and appraise contemporary marketing strategies as to provide a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of ports and maritime marketing and competition in a global business environment where efficiency and costs determine the choice of port of call. 

Objectives of Programme

To enable course participants acquire relevant strategic visioning skills to become pro-active in identifying prospects, opportunities and constraints of strategic marketing in a fiercely competitive maritime business environment.

To enable course participants acquire exclusive critical thinking skills and the ability to market their ports from a strategic port pricing and repositioning prisms in a fiercely competitive maritime business environment.

Who should attend this programme:

This knowledge enriching programme will be useful for senior managers, middle managers, policy makers, directors, managing directors and top officials of:

  • Port Authorities, Shipping Companies, Shippers Councils, Railway Corporations, Shipping Agents, Maritime Administrations, Clearing & Forwarding Agents
  • Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Trade and Industries, Customs & Excise Departments, Chambers of Shipping, Commerce & Industries; Embassies Commercial Attaches
  • Business Logistics Units of Industries, Supply Chain Managers, Management Consultants, Researchers, Students and so on.

Core Contents

  1. The Port and Maritime Industry and Changing Global Trade Environment
  2. The Global Market and the Changing Role of Digital Technologies
  3. Marketing Management in a Global Digital Economy
  4. International Competition and the Rule of Law in Maritime Trade:- Key Business Strategy Concepts
  5. Strategic Marketing in Ports and Maritime Logistics
  6. Delivering Competitive Advantage through Strategic Marketing
  7. Critical Thinking/Reasoning and Appraisal of Marketing Strategies in a Competitive Environment
  8. Global Perspective of Contemporary Marketing Practice in International Shipping
  9. Teamwork, Analytical thinking, Decision making and Project Management
  10. Market Development Intelligence (MDI) for Pro-active Positioning in Competition
  11. Quality Assurance and Management as Strategic Marketing and Competition Tool
  12. Strategic Marketing & Competition Surgery:- a one to one problem-solving consultancy service for course participants to proffer strategic solutions to marketing and competition problems 

Programme Duration:  04th – 15th July, 2016

Programme Venue:  The London School of Economics (LSE) London (This programme and venue may be subject to changes at short notice).

Choice of Course Fee:

(i) Course fee is £3300.00 British Pound Sterling per participant. This fee covers tea/coffee,training and materials (without accommodation and lunch) during training.


(ii) Course fee is £4150.00 British Pound Sterling per participant. This covers tea/coffee, materials,training, hotel accommodation and lunch during training only (weekends not included).

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Programme Experts

Dr Fortune Laurence – IAPH Coordinator

Prof. Joy Joseph       – IAPH Alternate Coordinator

Prof. Peter Langen

Prof James McConville

Ms Helen Smith        – IAPH Alternate Coordinator/Project Manager