TTPM International

Our Expertise

shutterstock_3599300 (1)TTPM International experts have over 25 years of both academic and field experience in their respective areas of practice boosted with robust knowledge of strategic (planning) development principles in private sector collaboration, TTPM International experts are versed in policy reforms and equitable growth and development initiatives. They have proven ability of integrated, inclusive and coordinated policy reform within poverty reduction framework and economic growth strategy. Skilled in dialogue, peace building and conflict management, TTPM niche in conflict analysis, sensitivity and management is driven to achieving expected results with minimum resources within deadline. TTPM experts derive strength in cultural diversity, gender respect with equal opportunity and transparency. Our experts are team workers and ardent advocacy campaigners.

Our experts are multi-skilled and from multidisciplinary academic and professional base to meet any challenges in any sectoral growth and development. Our experts have demonstrable skills and tested ability on policy reform and development issues. They have strategic visioning skills to identify constraints, opportunities and risks from a quantitative and qualitative prism. TTPM International has successfully carried out international projects in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Oceania and Pacific and South and Central America, Middle and Far East generally therefore accustomed to working in harsh environment. Our experts are ready to travel unaccompanied at short notice and willing to work anywhere.


  • Trade Pro-poor Policy & Sector Impact Study
  • Trade Policy Reform & Sustainable Development
  • Equitable Economic Growth & Strategic Planning
  • Trade Economics Risk Analysis & Management
  • Collaborative Partnership Development
  • Change Management & Development
  • Quantitative and Critical Path Analysis of Trade Policy
  • Outcome & Impact Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Trade Blocs & Regional Integration Strengthening
  • Private Sector Collaborative Development Initiative
  • Peace Building & Crisis Prevention in Trade Policy Administration
  • Conflict Sensitivity & Analysis in Trade Policy Management
  • Democratic Governance Network & Knowledge Management
  • Project Management Prince2 & Result Based Management
  • WTO Agreements and Negotiations
  • Bilateral Trade Relations Promotions
  • Customs Union Reform and Documentation Standardisation
  • ACP/EU Trade Policy and Competition Promotion
  • Commodity-based Capacity Building and Networking Skills Enhancement
  • Port Transit-Transport and Intermodal Transhipment to Landlocked Nations
  • Enabling Trade Corridor Policy for Landlocked Countries
  • Strategic Partnership and Trade Alliance in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Regional Institutional Strengthening for Trade Cooperation
  • Trade-based Capacity Building and Creation of SMEs Export consortia

Some of our Experts:

  • Prof. E. Van de Voorde
  • Prof. R. Moss
  • Prof. A. Verbeke
  • Prof. A. Baird
  • Dr. I Alfraid
  • Prof. A. Goulielmos
  • Dr. F. Laurence
  • Prof. A. Na Dum
  • Mr. D. Bayne
  • Mr. K. Ahana
  • Mr. D. Patraiko
  • Prof. Joy K. Joseph
  • Dr Capt. M. Abdelhafez