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International Trade, Policy and Port Logistics Management Course

International Trade, Policy and Port Logistics Management Course

The phenomenon of international trade constrained by increasingly exacting global market demands and fiercely competitive international supply chains has mounted more pressure on world ports. Ports are expected to facilitate international trade whilst acting as a gateway to national economy. To achieve this status, ports must respond to the global challenges posed by global trade economics and supply chain framework. This is the reason for this programme.

Aim: The major aim of this management programme first of its kind is to provide corporate solutions to the challenges posed by ports and international trade interface management on one hand and the increasing demand for customer satisfaction in ports logistics whilst still remaining profitable. This is an integrated course packed with critical thinking methodology.


  1. To enhance the knowledge of participants of the increasing strategic role of ports in  facilitating international trade whilst promoting national economy.
  1. To enable participants acquire the innovative skills relevant in the management of port and  international trade interface in an aggressively changing port and global trade environment.
  1. To enhance participants’ analytical skills and ability to monitor and measure port efficiency.

Targeted Participants:

This programme given its intensity and course contents is designed for:

Middle and Senior management of the Ports industry, Rail Transport, Freight Forwarders, Customs & Excise, Shipping Agents, Staff of Ministries of Transport, Trade and Industry, Road Haulage, Clearing & Forwarding Agents, Academics, Consultants and Researchers and others.

Core Course Contents:

* International Trade and Changing Structure of Global Economics.

* The Port Industry and Changing Structure of Ports and Management.

* Management of Port and International Trade Interface

* International Trade Policy

* National Trade Policy

* National Maritime Policy vs National Port Policy

* Port Marketing and Maritime Competition

* Measuring Port Performance and Productivity through International Trade

* Dispute Resolution in Port Operations & Maritime Business

* Global Trade and Maritime Law

* Port Logistics Planning and Management.

* Port Logistics Surgery: A One-to-One Problem Solving Discussion with Individual

Course participants Home Port Strategic Problems and Corporate Solutions.

Programme Duration:  19th – 30th January, 2015

Programme Venue:  The London School of Economics (LSE) London 


Choice of Course Fee:

(i) Course fee is £3300.00 British Pound Sterling per participant. This fee covers tea/coffee,training and materials (without accommodation and lunch) during training.


(ii) Course fee is £4150.00 British Pound Sterling per participant. This covers tea/coffee, materials,training, hotel accommodation and lunch during training only (weekends not included).

(This programme and venue may be subject to changes at short notice). For registration please visit or email


Programme Experts

Dr Fortune Laurence – IAPH Coordinator

Prof. Dr Joy Joseph – IAPH Alternate Coordinator

Prof. Dr Peter Langem

Prof James McConville

Ms Helen Smith – IAPH Alternate Coordinator