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International Ports, Maritime, Logistics and Supply Chain Courses

4611867_afnilzjnarw253iadlierfxtqxsxe2d4.mediumINTERNATIONAL COURSES ON
Ports, Maritime, Container Terminals, Logistics, Supply Chain & Transhipment Management in London, 2014

S/No. Courses Venue Date

1. International Trade Policy & Maritime Logistics London 06 – 24 Jan, 2014

2. International Shipping and Supply Chain Management London 03 – 21 Feb. 2014

3. Port Congestion & Strategic Container Traffic
Management London 03 – 22 Mar. 2014

4. Port Logistics & Maritime Business Management London 07 – 25 Apr. 2014

5. Strategic (Port) Concession Policy Management London 05 – 23 May 2014

6. Port Policy, Governance & Stakeholders Management London 02 – 20 Jun. 2014

7. Strategic Customer Relationship Management in
Maritime Trade London 07 – 25 Jul. 2014

8. Port Efficiency Management London 04 – 22 Aug. 2014

9. Strategic Maritime Policy Management London 01 – 19 Sept. 2014

10. Strategic Port Pricing & Commercial Billings Management London 06 – 24 Oct. 2014

11. Port Operations Demand Sensing, Deployment &
Management London 03 – 21 Nov, 2014

12. Port Transit-Corridor Policy, Operations & Transhipment Logistics Management London 01 – 19 Dec, 2014

These ground breaking courses are designed to improve efficiency, policy, operations and management of ports, maritime administration, container terminals, business logistics and supply chain including transit-transport trade corridor operations to land-locked countries.

The programme is organised by TTPM International Consultants (World Bank Approved) to enable competitiveness in a rapidly changing global business environment. The programme will be delivered by first class academics, world class professionals and international consultants. Early registration is strongly recommended.

International Bursary is available but demand is high therefore consideration of bursary applicants will be strictly on ‘first come’. Visit our website and click on courses for further details on registration and payment of course fees.

Course fee has to be paid and receipt issued before invitation letter is sent to course applicants for processing of Entry Visa Clearance at British High Commission.

Who will benefit from these courses?
• Officials of Ministry of Transport (maritime department); Ministry of Trade and Commerce; Ministry of Finance and others.
• Officials of Shippers Councils; National Maritime Agencies; Banks;
• Officials of National Shipping Lines, Shipping Agents, etc..,
• Officials of Railway Corporations; Inland Depots, Inland Container Terminals, Transit-Transport Agencies;
• Officials of Ports Authorities, Container Terminals;
• Officials of Clearing and Forwarding Agencies
• Officials of Customs & Excise Departments
• Officials of Logistics Departments and Supply Chain Units of Industries etc..,
• Students, Researchers, Management Consultants, Law Practitioners, Individuals doing businesses with direct and indirect connections to the courses etc..,

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