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In-house Ports and Maritime Courses 2016/17

In-house Courses on Ports and Maritime 2016 and 2017

Due popular demand, all our courses can now be organised and conducted in-house for interested ports, maritime agencies, government departments, logistics companies, transhipment and transit-transport operators etc.., in any country of the world on case by case basis.

Our design of in-house or in-company courses for any ports or maritime agencies or government departments or companies are company-specific or port-specific in structure given the strategic objectives and innovative inclinations of such organisations’ to suit their prevailing circumstances.

Our in-house programmes are pro-active or reactive in approach depending on the organisation’s envisaged corporate problems and challenges in context of today’s rapidly changing competitive ports and maritime industry business environment.

Alternatively, any ports or maritime agencies or government departments can initiate any type of training they would want us to design and execute for them for any length of time. We are happy to tell them of the expected outcomes of such capacity building programme and the payback period of such programme.

Our experts commissioned to execute any “in-company” courses for any ports or maritime agencies are professionally and academically qualified with no less than 20 years of field experience behind them.

The costs of conducting any in-company or in-house courses for any organisations depend on:

  1. Number of Participants in the Programme
  2. Duration of the Programme
  3. Country Where the Programme is taking place
  4. Type and Structure of The Programme
  5. The Status or Category of Participants
  6. The Continuity and Performance Measurement of the Programme.

In any case, the costs of any in-company or in-house programme is generally affordable because a 10% discount on the total costs. Click on courses and choose any programme for in-house training.

We design the in-company or in-house programmes to suit your circumstances at a cost you can afford. Besides, we will tell you the expected outcomes and the payback period of the programme. Talk to us or send an email to: Dr Fortune Laurence, Consulting Director