TTPM International


Business Chart arrowWorking to provide first class solutions in the following areas.

Training and Development
(strategic management)
Development Policy Formulation
(poverty reduction strategy)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
International Trade and Transport
(air, sea, land and rail)
Governance, Civil Society and Capacity Building
(advocacy and peace building)
Educational Promotion, Provision, Evaluation and Monitoring Programmes
(working with world class universities & other institutions)
Market Studies and Sector
Policy Formulation/Analysis
(oil, metal, cash crops etc)
Ports Economics, Transit-transport, Transhipment, Capacity Development
Traffic Studies and Congestion Management
(air, road, ports, urban and rail)
Project Management, Programme Management and Delivery
Private & Public Finance Management

Technology in the handsSome Experts in International Ports, Container Terminal and Maritime Supply Chain Management Programmes 2012 and 2013:

Professor E. Van de Voorde
– Port Economics & Concession Policy, Port Logistics & Maritime Economics
Professor A. Verbeke
– Ports Economics, Policy and Concession, Maritime Economics & Logistics
Professor A. Baird
– Maritime Business Logistics, Strategic Maritime Management, Maritime Policy and Economics
Professor A. Gouliemos
– Ports Policy and Management, Maritime Economics and Policy
Professor P. W. Langen
– Port Logistics and Economics,Port Policy & Maritime Management
Dr. F. Laurence
– Ports Development Economics and Policy, Port Concession & Maritime Business Management, Port Logistics & Maritime Supply Chain Management
Dr. I. Alfred
– Port Logistics & Economics of International Trade, Maritime Economics & Logistics Management
Mr. D. Bayne
– International Shipping & Economics
Mr. D. Patraiko
– International Shipping & Strategic Management
Mr. Kennet Ahana
– Managerial Psychology