TTPM International


training and developmentCorporate – advocates and promotes cultural diversity, gender equality, transparency and accountability in project management according to donor metrics; and demonstrates strategic visioning skill in programme management
Communication – strong interpersonal communication skills with networking and analytical abilities to conceptualise issues
Problem Solving – capacity to perform and prioritise multiple tasks in challenging circumstances
Team Work – ability to establish effective working relations with donors, agencies, institutions, governments, stakeholders and international bodies in a multinational environment.

Agencies we work with: African Union, ECOWAS, European Union, The World Bank, WTO, UNCTAD, Transparency International, NEPAD, AfDB, ADB and a host of others.

Our experts are from various fields and are willing to travel at short notice to any part of the world as the job demands.

Due to increasing demand, the organisation is opening offices in some countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Oceania/Pacific, Middle East and Europe. We conduct bespoke training programmes for organisations in their locations which is cost-effective. Our consultation strategy is company-participatory for transfer of knowledge and we practice customer relationship management.